The Flower and Her Petals

As the petals fell from her delicate body the flower mourned her loss. She longed to restore her precious ruffles. She tried to arrange herself in a way so they would not be missed, but doing so caused more petals to fall from her stem. “No one will find me pretty now.” She thought. The butterfly flew down, after seeing her in distress and knowing what was troubling her. He told her simply this: “Oh darling flower you are more than just a pretty thing, your nectar helps us butterflys to survive. You are relied upon so greatly by the bees and some of them collect the nectar too. Yes, your beauty will fade, however we the butterflys, the bees, and bugs alike will never forget your kindness to our simple lives.”

So when the final petal fell from her stem the flower did not mind, she had done her job to help her friends survive. The beauty of flowers may fade, but their true beauty lies in the land. Where they leave behind the promise of new life.


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