ADHD And Classes

Hello, I was thinking about what I should post today. So I’ve decided just to talk to you for a little bit. I’ve been a busy person these last few months. I’m continuing my education still. Starting a new semester next week. I’m taking things slow because I still have to consider my ADHD, and work. I’m sticking to my goals though they are small. I work better with small goals, as long as they lead to big goals. That’s how it has to be when you have ADHD. I’ve come up with a really good study system for myself. I study for 15 minutes, then I take a 5 minute brake before I get overwhelmed, then study for 15 more minutes. If I have gone over my notes twice, I stop. I can’t spend hours on end, studying everyday, that is too overwhelming. I would also get bored, and that’s something that can’t happen. No information would get into my head. So I study everyday instead. When a test is coming up, I give myself two to three weeks of studying prier to the test. When I have everything in my head, I stop studying. I will get overwhelmed studying information I already know, or get bored. I don’t even review my notes right before the test is taken. I just can’t do that, I might confuse myself while taking the test. So that is my study system. When I have followed that system I  didn’t get any answers wrong on my tests. With this system, you have to trust your mind more. That’s hard for someone like me because our minds jump around a lot. When taking a test, if I don’t know the answer right away, I skip it. Don’t spend more than a minute trying to answer one question when you have 19 more. Answer what you can, and come back to the others later. The answer usually pops into my head after I answer a few other questions. 

I don’t know what else to say. Thank you for following me on here, if you’re new. Thank you for taking time out of your busy lives to read what I write. KAG

I’m also on Twitter, if any of you are on there and want to find me. I follow back. I post stuff on ADHD there, or I talk about life. Sometimes a poem, or two. Just depending on the day. Find me here: @KateAnnGentry 


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